Valuable information to have a safe trip in Mexico


Considering Mexico has a high biodiversity, there is always the possibility that a visitor will become unwell during their visit. The risk varies greatly depending on the precise location of your trip, its duration, and the activities you engage in while there. Season, location of the facilities where you stay, and other factors such as

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Medical Services

 The quality of medical services in Mexico varies a lot depending on the area you visit. Large cities have first-rate private facilities. Some of the best doctors in the world live and provide their services in both private and public institutions. Tourist destinations also have well-prepared facilities to treat any medical circumstance that may arise.

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Safety in México

Mexico as a country, has areas where security and incidents towards the population are more notorious than elsewhere. However, in tourist destinations all hotels have 24-hour security and the rooms have safety boxes. The recommendations in the different areas, as well as in any other part of the world, are: do not use high-priced or

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