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Mazatlán, located in Mexico’s northwest area, has become a well-known tourist getaway and fishing center in the state of Sinaloa.
Its coastline area has an average of 17 kilometers of beaches, and the Mazatlán boardwalk is one of the world’s longest, with an approximate length of 21 kilometers.
The downtown section of the old town boasts a remarkable mix of residences and structures built in the 19th century Tropical Neoclassical architecture style. Enjoy its iconic Malecón, its natural beauty, its marinas, and the fantastic sport fishing activity that pushes Mazatlan to hold numerous tournaments a year, some of which practice “catch and release” of species such as Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado. Read More

Near The city you will find the archeological site of “Las Labradas De San Ignacio,” which contains over 600 petroglyphs that depict the worldview of its inhabitants hundreds of years ago.
Visiting Mazatlán is an experience unlike any other tourist destination; its gastronomy, culture, and people are the major charms of this Pacific jewel.

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