Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta at a Glance

Located on the beautiful coast of the state of Jalisco, it is a renowned port that has been a traditional relaxing place since the early 1930s. Today it is adorned with the contrast between its classic buildings and the modernity of its hotels, the dynamism of its shopping galleries, bars, restaurants or the lively nightlife.

Sheltered by the imposing Sierra Madre, it invites visitors to discover its natural beauties.

Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48333, Mexico

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Brief overview of the area's history

Known to Spanish conquerors on their journey to Sea of Cortez since the 16th century. The location provided fresh water, food, and firewood, as well as shelter during inclement weather or pirate attacks to galleons on their trip to the Philippines. Although its development as a port did not occur until the 1800s, with the founding of the city on December 12, 1851 by Don Guadalupe Sanchez Torres, calling the town Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe, later Puerto Las Peñas, and until 1918 it receives the official name of Puerto Vallarta in honor of the Governor of the state of Jalisco Don Ignacio L. Vallarta.   Read More

Initially, the port’s economy was centered on the distribution of salt for the silver mines in nearby towns  such as San Sebastián and La Mascota, and later on in the banana plantations Dlocated close by.Throughout  this period  the area began to attract visitors who admired its climate and natural beauty. 

It was a haven for businesspeople, national and foreign artists in the 1950s and 1960s, providing a new style of destination.

Today, Vallarta is regarded as one of the most popular foreign tourist destinations in Mexico. 


El Malecón

A must for anyone who comes to Vallarta, the promenade is almost two kilometers long, from the Rosita hotel to the Los Muertos pier.  Read More

In it, cultural events and celebrations are held at sunset, you can find handicraft vendors, in some of its different areas they have bars and restaurants, art galleries or shopping areas just by crossing the street.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Today one of the most iconic views of the town of Puerto Vallarta is that of the bell tower of the parish with its crown of angels adorning the upper part.  Read More

Its construction was carried out more than 100 years ago, although the crown was added several years later, it is the center of the city for religious celebrations among the “Vallartans”.

Jardín Botánico de Vallarta

If you want a change of scenery, the Vallarta Botanical Garden is the best option for an extraordinary tour. Opened in 2005.  Read More

  It has an area of ​​33 hectares reforested with various species of pine, cedar and mahogany. It has trails for outdoor hiking enthusiasts. Due to the humidity existing in that area of ​​the Sierra Madre, one of the most extensive collections of endemic plants and orchids in the country is favored, including the vanilla plant. It also has an aviary and a great variety of migratory birds that enhance the beautiful experience of walking through this great place.


Best Beaches

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The gastronomic experience that Vallarta offers, is one of the many activities that will delight your senses, the variety of establishments around the town and on the different beaches of Banderas Bay will be a great and tasty adventure.
Restaurants near the beach offer the most varied and fresh dishes with an experience : “From the sea to your table”.
Unforgettable gastronomic creations from the hands of brilliant chefs who represent gourmet international cuisine in Vallarta. You will also discover bars and pubs where alchemy is represented in the perfect cocktail to set that unforgettable moment. From a craft beer, a home-distilled tequila or a sexy Martini overlooking the sea, they create the perfect atmosphere for a very special destination.


Puerto Vallarta is a city located in Bahía Banderas and sheltered by the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur, being one of the largest and most beautiful bays in Mexico. It is also home to thousands of land and marine animal species as well as countless species of flora endemic to the region.
Ecosystems such as El Salado estuary where the flora is represented with four types of environments: Medium forest with 15 dominant species, mangrove with 3 species, thorn forest with 4 species, marsh or grassland with 6 species and aquatic and underwater vegetation with 15 species, one of the places where the greatness of nature is appreciated, this area is home to 99 species of birds, 10 species of mammals and 29 species of reptiles and amphibians.
Bahía Banderas is also one of the places where every year different species of whales meet to court, mate and give birth to their calves, the predominant species is the gray whale, which makes its migration from Alaska to Baja California, Baja California Sur , Sinaloa and Nayarit.
Puerto Vallarta is home to different endemic and migratory species that adorn the area with their different colors, birds such as Parrots, Parakeets, Owls, Hawks, Quails, Woodpeckers, Magpies, Mockingbirds to name a few.


Puerto Vallarta offers plenty of areas to make various activities. Here we provide a small list of some of the best things to do.

Puerto Vallarta is a lovely resort with pristine white sand beaches that invite visitors to participate in a variety of activities in this paradise shielded by its amazing landscapes.  A quiet town to explore, a beautiful bay to enjoy a romantic Sunset sail, a sea where one can snorkel on its various beaches or diving for the more experienced, visiting one of Los Arcos’ rock formations and its beautiful islands, zip-lining in the jungle, hiking to its waterfalls, or the adrenaline rush of a buggy tour through challenging roads. Visit hidden colonial mining communities in the Sierra, a glimpse of a completely different past in the region, and stroll around the Plaza de Armas close to the gorgeous and imposing parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Delight your senses with the city’s diverse gastronomic offerings, from famous local birria tacos to renowned seafood restaurants overlooking the ocean, or savor an evening as a couple in a well-known Austrian bistro, a town classic. This lovely city delivers all of this and more to those who are fortunate enough to know a location that combines the colonial and the modern, allowing them to experience a completely different image of Mexico.


Banderas bay offers a unique opportunity for the traveler who wishes to catch the Big One! There are two options that you can try, depending on what kind of fish you want on your wall. You can experience fly fishing which is available for inshore species like Spanish Mackeral, Bonitos, Skip Jacks, Yellowfin Tuna, Needlefish or Dorados, all depending on the season. 
If you like to get your heart pumping, go for offshore fishing where you can catch big Dorados, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish or Marlins.
Boat charters range from 28 ft Super Pangas all the way to 40 ft sportfisher Yachts. 


Golf is one of the most popular sports in North America and Puerto Vallarta has several high-level courses to practice this activity.

Av. Paraiso 800, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit
Phone: 322-226-8190

Located in the Nuevo Vallarta side, this amazing course created by Robert Von Hagge is one of the newest in the destination.
This is a par -72, 7239 yard championship golf course with nine bodies of water and streams, fearsome beach bunkers right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean at Paradise Village.

Carretera Tepic- Puerto Vallarta Km 145, Bucerias, Nayarit
Phone: 329-296-5006

This is Percy J. Clifford designed par -72, 6853 yard Championship golf course, with narrow fairways and nine water hazards, 43 bunkers that protect the approaches. Beautiful landscapes with a light ocean breeze, the course offers 4 tee-off marks providing the right level of challenge for all players.

Punta Mita, Nayarit
Phone: 329-298-4091

Located Northeast of Punta Mita it is an 18 hole, par -72 7022 yard conceived by Greg Norman ,with gorgeous views 8 holes are surrounded by a lush virgin jungle, challenging players of all levels with very well groomed fairways and greens, 7 holes are link style holes and the last 3 holes run along the pacific coastline.

Paseo de la Marina 430, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Phone: 322-221-0073

Located right in the heart of the Marina area in Puerto Vallarta, surrounded by the Sierra Madre and the majestic Banderas Bay, it is the closest course to town.
An 18 hole par -71 6701 yards Championship golf course designed by Joe Finger almost 32 years ago, with lush scenery and tranquil rolling fairways.

Paseo de Las Moras, Nuevo Vallarta
Phone: 322-226-4000

Located in the Nuevo Vallarta area, this is a fun and challenging 6700 yard par -70 golf course that has been completely renovated by Jack Niklaus in 2011.
Wide fairways protected by seven lakes and 47 bunkers will challenge you to play your best with its constant air currents.

Circuito Universidades 653, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Phone: 32-2290-0030

These are two of the most acclaimed golf courses in Vallarta, lush dense jungles, deep ravines, swift creeks and the views of Banderas Bay, make playing these courses an extraordinary experience.
Two 18 hole golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf, offer some of the best views of Puerto Vallarta, The Marina area and Banderas Bay.
The Nicklaus course is an 18 hole 7057 yard, par -72 layout that will make you think twice every move you make.
The Weiskopf course is an 18 hole par -72 6976 yards comprising deep ravines, dense jungles, blending elevations and magnificent views of Puerto Vallarta and the background of the Sierra Madre mountains.


From traditional markets to luxurious shopping centers, the shopping offer in Vallarta is extraordinary.
It can be found from souvenirs, crafts, jewelry or typical Mexican textiles to the freshest products of the region in the organic markets of the town.
Modern shopping malls with fashion stores or premium trendy items can be found in places like La Isla, Plaza Peninsula or Galerías Vallarta. Artisan markets such as the Municipal Market, located in downtown Vallarta, offer visitors handicrafts and clothing made with traditional methods, a heritage passed down from generation to generation. In the area of local organic products, the Olas Altas market is the place to visit.
Vallarta also offers countless galleries and establishments located around the boardwalk, in the streets and corners of the town where you can find some souvenirs to remember your visit to Vallarta.


Vallarta from adventure and extreme activities during the day changes its speed at nightfall, so after a well-deserved rest and an excellent dinner you will be able to find an incredible variety of establishments in the destination to make your night a memorable evening.
Whether in the center, the Romantic Zone, the Hotel Zone or Nuevo Vallarta, this charming bay will always have a magical place for all tastes, all preferences and for you.
From a Sexy Martini Lounge, a distillery, a Salsa Hall, a brewery, bars, pubs or cafes you can enjoy the other side of this Pacific destination celebrating and dancing until dawn.