Los Cabos

Los Cabos at a Glance

Los Cabos (or The Capes, in English) is the name of the two cities that conform this tourist destination. San José del Cabo is the oldest settlement and is the seat of the government of the municipality of Los Cabos, making it the administrative center of both cities. The geographical location is in the state of the Baja California Sur peninsula and is considered the highest density settlement in the state that has the lowest population density in all of Mexico.

Marina Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

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Brief overview of the area's history

The earliest settlements appeared in the mid-to-late 1500s, when this portion of Mexico was found during Hernán Cortés exploration journeys following the defeat of the Mexica in 1521. San Jose was the site of the first mission established by catholic missionaries, which resulted in the founding  of The Misiones that extended all the way to the Upper California.
On the other of town San Lucas was famous for canned tuna and after WWII, many baby boomers came down to Cabo to fish. The place was so famous for its amazing scenery and stunning fishing among some Hollywood movie stars, business owners, and even presidents, that they built the first hotels and invited guests to marvel at this secluded paradise!

El faro Viejo de Cabo Falso Photo by Joel Alvarez @joelalvarezfotografoloscabos

Los Cabos Higlights

El Arco

El Arco, or the arch, a millennial granite rock formation that is the landmark of Los Cabos. Also known as Land's End or the point where the Baja Peninsula meets the Pacific Ocean. Read More

The starting point for the world famous Bisbee's Black and Blue tournaments that have been taking place for over 30 years, and are also part of the famous Sand Falls, which are an interesting phenomenon that occurs when rivers of sand flow along from the rocks at the bottom of the ocean, a must-see for divers!

Todos Santos

Considered the only Magic Town in Baja since 2006, located one hour from La Paz or Cabo San Lucas, this oasis in the middle of nowhere is considered the bohemian capital of the area.  Read More

A charming community of artists and a coastal paradise of palm trees is home to the famous hotel California, which is a must during your visit. The hotel is a charming reminder of old Mexico with an excellent restaurant and a nice craft store with souvenirs from the area.  The city is host to the Annual Arts Festival that takes place during the first part of February each year.

East Cape

It was once thought to be on the outskirts of the Cape region, but with the opening of a Four Seasons hotel a few years ago, it is now a player in the area's tourist scene. Read More

This part of the Cape extends from several kilometers east of San José del Cabo along the Sea of Cortez, to the north of Punta Pescadero, Los Barriles, and Rancho Buena Vista, all this area famous for its fishing season several months of the year, and hosting renowned tournaments such as the Wahoo Grand Prize Tournament of the East Cape Gold Cup and home to Mexico's only national marine sanctuary, Cabo Pulmo.

Cabo San Lucas

This destination started as a remote fishing village and Tuna Cannery during the 1950’s. Cabo San Lucas is now considered the premier tourism destination in Mexico and one of the finest in the world. Read More

Located in the Baja peninsula and on the same latitude as Hawaii, magically situated at land’s end. It is the Marlin capital of the world and a golf paradise with some of the best golf courses in the world, including Diamante, Tiger Woods’ first jewel. Cabo San Lucas is a port of call for hundreds of cruise ships a year, and considered the party side of Los Cabos with the best bars and clubs, so you can enjoy bar hopping, which is considered a sport here, as well as world-class restaurants, shopping galore, tours and activities that you have never dreamed of. During winter, migrating routes for grey whales, blue whales, and orcas leads to that extra bit of magic. The starting point for the world famous Bisbee's Black and Blue tournaments that have been taking place for over 30 years, and are also part of the famous Sand Falls, which are an interesting phenomenon that occurs when rivers of sand flow along from the rocks at the bottom of the ocean, a must-see for divers!

The Tourism Corridor

A twenty mile divider by the Transpeninsular highway, between San Jose and San Lucas, it is home to some of the best beaches to snorkel and surf in Los Cabos. Read More

Some of the best golf courses in the world like Cabo del Sol, premium hotels like Ventanas al Paraiso, Punta Ballena and Palmilla, all of them located in some of the most exclusive residential areas in town.

San José Del Cabo

This is the first Catholic mission and settlement on the Baja California peninsula. The original is located a little further inland and is home to the estuary, the only underground fresh water body in the area. Read More

With its old Mexican colonial atmosphere and architecture, its relaxed atmosphere and charm, as well as its magical hospitality throughout the city center, it has also become a tourist paradise with first-class hotels and restaurants, impressive golf courses and the Marina. From Puerto Los Cabos, there is a residential complex located five minutes from the city and twenty-five minutes from the airport, this planned 2,000-acre community will project San José into an important player in Los Cabos, as it is a natural reserve of all that the ecosystem of Baja's desert has to offer.


Best Beaches

Beach Gallery

Photos by:  Joel Álvarez, Adrián Montalvo, Explorando con Sergio Vázquez,  Luis Espero, Desdeelcielo Dron,  Charlesdeviaje, Asdrubal Velázquez

Los Cabos provides a culinary experience unlike any other, having established a cultural movement that brings together the efforts of organic farmers, innovative chefs, and craft brewing masters. This sets the tone for an experience that blends traditional cuisine with a global flair. The influx of people from various parts of Mexico has resulted in an amazing combination of flavors and cooking methods. Tacos al pastor in Las Guacamayas restaurant or the most traditional fish tacos set in flour tortillas which are a must for you to try at Rosy’s, ceviches combined in many different presentations, aguachiles and seafood so fresh it’s an ocean-to-table event, oysters from pacific farms and the massive Chocolata clams from the sea of Cortes. 

Read More

Both San Jose and San Lucas offer an extensive and diverse culinary experience. Sunset Monalisa’s amazing dishes and stunning views, Los Cabos Winery for the wine connoisseur, Huerta los Tamarindos a culinary masterpiece with its Mexican-Mediterranean fusion from Chef Enrique Silva, Flora’s Field Kitchen a must-visit in San Jose. “Acre” in La Playita is another farm restaurant you should try, or if award-winning dining is your thing and you don’t want to leave your hotel, Palmilla, Ventanas al Paraiso, JW Marriott, and Sheraton all have award-winning restaurants.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll want to repeat on your next visit.


Wirikuta Botanical Garden

 The Baja California peninsula is the longest in the world, located in the northwestern part of Mexico, separating the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez. The peninsula extends 1,247 km, from 40 km in its narrowest part to 320 km in its widest part.  Most of the peninsula is semidesert and xeric shrubland, Los Cabos has several ecoregions such as the subtropical coniferous forest region in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains that include oak-pine forests. Read More

The dry tropical climate of the lowlands in places like Los Cabos offers visitors to the area the opportunity to admire different species of cacti endemic to the region. For this activity, we suggest you visit the “Wirikuta Botanical Garden”, which bears the name of the sacred desert of the “Wixárika” or Huichol Indians. Here you can discover over 1500 different species of cacti, palms, succulents, and magueys or enjoy the magnificent Huichol Shows that are presented.

The Sea of ​​Cortez, named by Jacques Cousteau as the Aquarium of the World is another jewel that the peninsula shows its visitors. With the most diverse marine life, it is home during the winter to many species of whales that migrate to its inlets, to mate and give birth.

Gray whales make one of the longest migratory journeys of any known mammal in the world, from their feeding grounds in Alaska to their mating grounds around Baja California’s whale sanctuaries such as the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve. , Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Bahia San Ignacio or Magdalena.

A variety of mammals make the Gulf of California their home, sea lions, porpoises, dolphins, and a variety of different species of fish, some of them highly coveted fishing trophies.

La Baja, an incredible place. When you discover its magic, you will never want to leave.

Outdoor activities are essential when visiting Los Cabos, from a complete sightseeing tour to an adrenaline-fueled helicopter ride, this city will keep you active during its different seasons. The amazing Baja desert gives you the opportunity to experience exciting things. Read More

Buggy or ATV tours that will take you up and down the foothills of the mountains or sandy arroyos that will ask for your best driving skills. There are also several canopy tours embedded in different terrains that offer the visitor an image of the biodiversity of the region; they fly through sandy river beds during the dry season that transform into pristine rivers during the rains.

Ride a camel on Migriño beach or in the El Tule area and spend the time of your life with these noisy giants, experience snorkeling at some of the best beaches in Cabos, and admire marine life so splendid that Jacques Cousteau named it the world’s aquarium. You can swim with sea lions or with huge whale sharks, something you will never forget. If you prefer to dive, take a tour to Cabo Pulmo, the only marine sanctuary in Mexico in these latitudes, swim with dolphins in three world-class facilities or have a romantic trip on a sunset catamaran or a grand dinner cruise and enjoy the entertainment on board.

Shopping is a must for some, so enjoy a private shopping tour, private regional cooking class tour, or, during whale watching season, you can take a boat trip in town, a private plane trip to Magdalena Bay to admire the miracle of life as you see it. A baby whale the size of your panga boat floats to catch a glimpse! Incredible experiences of a lifetime.

Surf Spots

There are numerous surf places in Baja that appeal to inexperienced, seasoned, and elite surfers. Here’s a quick rundown and surf forecast of some of the best areas to begin your dawn patrol.

Sport fishing is one of the most popular sports in Los Cabos, and the variety is so diverse that you can find any style of boat, in any size, at a range of rates. Your fishing opportunities will vary depending on the season, but one thing is certain: this is the destination to fish.

“The Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament” and the “Los Cabos Billfish Tournament”, both take place in October. Also other  tournaments are held in the East Cape throughout the summer months, and the fish to catch is Wahoo! Read More

Because Los Cabos is a pelagic location, there are many species to be found, including Dorado, Tuna, and Roosterfish, which are among the most sought for, aside from the black, blue, or striped marlin.

The majority of fishing companies in Los Cabos leave before sunrise and can accommodate any request you may have.



 If having a spectacular day is to tee off a world class design golf course where nature will present to you the most amazing seaside display, then Los Cabos is the perfect destination for you. This unique combination of ocean and desert gives Los Cabos a place like no other in the world of golf, its colors shift during seasons but you will always find perfectly groomed green fairways that combine desert vegetation, creating a unique ambiance that merges with white sand beaches and the magic of the sea of Cortez.  Unique creations from the masters of golf, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Greg Norman, and Tiger Woods have all set their creations in the desert, crafting some of the most stunning scenarios for you to play in and admire. That and the weather conditions to die for, make this golfer paradise a must in your course to-do list and has become the premiere location in Latin America. 

A world-renowned, Jack Nicklaus signature design that placed Los Cabos on the international golf scene it opened to the public in 1994, known as the Ocean Course it was rebranded as The Cove Club in 2019 and its ranking among the world’s greatest 100 Golf Courses makes it the jewel of the destination that stretches more than a mile along the pristine beaches of the sea of Cortez. It has been converted into a members-only club and has been restyled with new holes, upgraded surface landscaping and bunkers as an instrumental part of this exclusive resort community. Access is limited to nonmembers. 

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 10.3 

Phone:  624- 145-6300 

Toll-Free: 1-866-231-4677

Website: https://www.cabodelsol.com

The Tom Weiskopf stunning design was his first in Mexico, it blends amazing all-around scenery of the sea of Cortez with desert arroyos, artfully-created landscaping, and the embrace of the mountain in all its 18 holes, a course designed to offer the most satisfying experience for players at all ability levels, varying in length between greens, changes in elevation, and bunkers.

A very well balanced layout of short and long shots makes this course an amazing experience with the mix of the Baja scenery. Coveted by golfers that visit Los Cabos, you will have a magnificent experience.

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 10.3

Phone:     624- 145-6300

Toll-Free: 1-866-231-4677

Website: https://www.cabodelsol.com

A splendid Tom Fazio design that has the backdrop beauty of The Sierra de la Laguna mountains and amazing beach fronts at Chileno Bay Resort and residences, one of the best golf courses in town with large bunkers, sculpted arroyos, and marvelous scenery and landscaping. This golf course has back-to-back par 5 in holes 6 and 7 and a couple of par 4 in holes 8 and 11

Carretera Transpeninsular

Phone: 624-144 0014

Email: cmartinez@chilenobayclub.com

Cabo Real Golf Course is a Robert Trent Jones Jr. design that opened to the public in 1994 just in front of the Melia Cabo Real Resort. It’s a scenic and challenging golf course that’s usually played downwind on the uphill holes and on some it will vary due to the ocean winds.

Host of two PGA Senior events it is a magnificent example of a challenging, yet amazing, course that will demand your best when you play it.

Part of a 2800-acre resort and residential project, with a stunning beachfront area, and enchanted backdrop of the magical Sierra de la Laguna mountains, part of the course drops downhill a few meters away from the ocean, the incredible Ventanas al Paraiso exclusive resort and villas. If you are lucky during the winter season you might catch whales breaching and playing in front of your green while you are putting, as this is one of their preferred areas.

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 19.5

Tourism Corridor

San Jose del Cabo, BCS

Phone: 624-173-9400

Toll-free: 1-877-795-8727

E-mail: smartin@questrogolf.com

Located in the world famous Palmilla Resort and Residential area, framed by peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna range, Palmilla golf club has set the standard of world class service and quality since its opening in 1992. Consisting of its original Arroyo 3337-yard and mountain 3,602-yard courses that began the Jack Nicklaus Design legacy in Los Cabos as well as in Latin America.

Boulder covered arroyos, bunkers, and various ponds that include magnificent fairways and greens provide the best playing experience for golfers of any level. Added in 1997 by Nicklaus, its ocean nine 3,527 yards starts with 600-foot elevation that will take you from hole one to hole six to complete the 27-hole golf experience with three 18-hole combinations and transport you from the mountain down to the calmed backdrop of the sea of Cortez.

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 7.5

Punta Palmilla

San Jose del Cabo

Phone: 624-144-5250

Email: jballog@troon.com

Located just at the entrance to San Jose del Cabo, this excellent Jack Nicklaus design course is an amazing green carpet that is laid down at the foothill of the Sierra de la Laguna, just 15 minutes from the airport, the stunning scenery of the Sea of Cortez almost from anywhere you stand will take your breath away.

Campestres’ undulating greens make them some of the most challenging but since its opening it has become a favorite course of the locals.

Libramiento Aeropuerto Km 11.9

San Jose del Cabo

Phone: 624-173 9400

E-mail: kgroves@clubcampestresanjose.com


A Private course located in the exclusive El Dorado Golf and Beach Club gated community, Jack Nicklaus has designed one of Los Cabos’ golf jewels in this magnificent course, embedded in this rocky coastline of the Sea of Cortez, amazing slopes, canyons, bunkers and the amazing landscaping will set the tone for you to play, as the course is divided by rocky hill. The signature hole is the par 3 16th set just above the beach.

Carretera Transpeninsular Km 21

San Jose del Cabo

Phone: 624-144-5464

E-mail: eldorado@discoverylandco.com

Rancho San Lucas is part of an 834-acre community which boasts the newest golf course in Los Cabos, opened in 2020.

This Greg Norman Signature masterpiece, with 7210 yards of beachfront and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, offers you incredible desert panoramas as you traverse through three completely different ecosystems, playing through tremendous dunes, a cactus experience, and amazing arroyos guiding you back after a 300-foot elevation to the beach and ocean holes in the back nine. And if you get tired you can always make a stop at the Shark Shacks to refresh yourself.

Carretera Todos Santos Km 120

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-145-7577

E-mail: brad.wheatly@ranchosanlucas.com

An exclusive amenity for guest of the magnificent Four Seasons Resort, approximately 45 minutes from Los Cabos International airport, this Robert Trent Jones Jr.-designed golf course, framed by the imposing Sierra de La Laguna mountains with broad fairways that set the tone of the game, located in a high elevation above the Sea of Cortez was designed to excite and challenge players with its peculiar landscapes and undulating topography, divided in three movements. 

Dune-scape will cover the first 6 holes, transitioning to upland and finishing with the Marina. It also features a six-hole, par 3 loop and a 30,000-square-foot putting course.

C. Eureka s/n, La Ribera

Los Cabos

Phone: 624-689-0292

E-mail: info@costapalmas.com

This magnificent course was ranked No. 36 in the world in 2019 and No. 1 in Mexico in 2016.

Designer Davis Love III crafted a masterpiece in the Baja peninsula like no other, comparing the dunes to Saint Andrews, it’s been a landmark for golfers since it opened in 2009.

Spectacular ocean views will accompany you all the way through some of the most dramatic sand dunes in the world, the course boasts service stations every three holes with the impeccable Diamante service and attention to detail, plus the ambiance and facilities around the course make this one not to miss.

Diamante Blvd. s/n  Col. Los Cangrejos

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-172-5811

E-mail: bhengel@diamantelife.com

Opened in 2014, it is Tiger Woods’ first course in the world, evoking that old California-style course where he began playing. Crafted at a higher elevation than the dunes course, this TGR design masterpiece will demand the best out of great players, but still appeals to all ability levels, with strategy being the main theme for this creation, it will bring out your creative and challenging side while playing its arroyos, flashed-faced bunkers, or wide fairways that deliver you to its open-entry greens in a pace combination that will delight you.

Diamante Blvd s/n  Col Los Cangrejos

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-172-5811

E-mail: ruribe@diamantelife.com

Designed by Tiger Woods for all family enjoyment as well as a fun practice run for experienced players, this 12-hole course is a palm tree heaven in the middle of an 8-acre lake oasis, following Tiger’s philosophy of a challenging environment that is fun for everyone, the flexibility of the layout gives you the option of a 12-hole par 3 course or other potential configurations.

Diamante Blvd s/n  Col Los Cangrejos

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-172-5811

E-mail: ruribe@diamantelife.com


In the middle of Cabo San Lucas you will find the Country Club, located inside a gated community, this beautiful 18-hole dye-designed golf course surrounded by the most amazing desert and mountain views, boasts amazing greens enclosed by cacti and bougainvillea vegetation overlooking the famous Arch and Land’s End.

Designed to inspire players of all levels with the convenience of the location, which is five to ten minutes away from most major resorts in town.

Via de Carlos, Lote 601

Carretera Transpeninsular

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-143-4654

Phone: 1-888-239-7951

E-mail: info@cslcountry.com

Located in a 2000-acre master-planned resort community, this 27-hole golf resort is a joined design by two of the biggest names in the history of the sport, Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus.

All three courses are championship-caliber layouts, with the majestic views of the Sea of Cortez and guarded in the background by the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range.

The Norman Course is a Sandbelt classic 3590-yard par 36 that takes players on a 400-foot elevation ride, offering them amazing views and the majestic design of the 7th hole.

The Nicklaus I course is a 3758-yard par 36 signature design masterpiece, beginning in the foothills it gives players the view of the San Jose del Cabo Valley, with its original nine’s featuring fairways, greens, and bunkers that blend with the Baja landscape.

The 5th and 6th are a work of art carved into the landscape.

The Nicklaus II opened in 2018 is the newest addition to the club, a 3436-yard par 36 signature design course, the new nine’s have become players’ favorites, with hole 6 through 9 presenting a particular elevation, combine this with three different 18-hole combinations, making this a must in town.

Paseo Los Pescadores s/n.    La Playa

San Jose del Cabo

Phone: 624-173-9400

Phone: 1-877-7958-727

E-mail: reservations@questrogolf.com

Quivira is the design test from Jack Nicklaus, a course embedded in the most demanding Baja landscape, it is a true testament that you can make a masterpiece even in these granite cliffs, undulating desert foothills, great bunkers, swirling arroyos and tons of rocks, all decorated with desert cacti. A test from any set of tees, with its amazing ocean views from tees to fairways.

Conceived as a unique and exclusive amenity for Quivira and Pueblo Bonito guests.

Via de Lerry

Cabo San Lucas

Phone: 624-163-7450

Phone: 1-866-578-4847

E-mail: info@quiviraloscabos.com

Designed by Fonatur in the early stages of Los Cabos, this 3153-yard, 9-hole, par 35 flat design course offers a mix of hole lengths and pars designed for different styles of play, you can have the flexibility of being back at your hotel to enjoy lunch with your family.

Paseo Finisterra 1

San Jose del Cabo

Phone: 1-866-231-4423 

E-mail: proshopsjd@vidantagolf.com


Shopping! Women´s passion and a word that makes some men nervous. Luxury is the standard in town as you will find major elite brands in Puerto Paraiso Mall and Luxury Avenue in the Marina boulevard, or in boutiques that center around San Lucas main square area close to the museum. Arts and crafts, markets, jewelry stores, or souvenir shops are located all around the Marina boulevard and the main street, so you can’t miss them. There you will find that gift for a friend or piece of Huichol art that will look amazing in that special part of your home, to remind you of your trip to Baja. Bars and restaurants are all around the shopping avenue if you need time to savour some Mexican treats, rest, refresh, and reload! In San Jose, shopping is centered around the main square and the avenue coming from the tourism boulevard, parking is scarce so take that into consideration if you are driving or set a pickup place with your driver if you arrive on a private transport. Happy hunting and have an amazing time! 


After a great day of sport fishing, playing an amazing round of golf, racing through the desert in a buggie, or just sunbathing and enjoying the pool, Los Cabos lights up after sunset and vibrates into a music charged ambiance, and Cabo San Lucas leads the way. Its variety of bars, breweries, and nightclubs gives you all the fun and action you will need to end the day on a high note. The Marina boulevard and the main street are the places to see and be seen. Bars and restaurants in the Marina have live music bands. The best place to go and enjoy rock and roll music is the famous Cabo Wabo Cantina founded in 1990 by world-renowned star Sammy Hagar, the bar itself is a landmark in town and offers its Cabo Wabo Tequila brand, souvenirs, and shirts in the clubs store. The Giggling Marlin is another bar that has that must-go reputation with its crazy ambiance where patrons are invited to drink a tequila shot upside down.  Read More

The Squid Roe is a family-friendly place during the day but turns into a jungle after 10:30 pm and by midnight all three levels of the club are full, people dancing in any available space, tables and bar tops included. Mandala Los Cabos is an upscale nightclub that after midnight offers a variety of hip hop and EDM music by some of the world’s most recognized DJs. La Vaquita is another newer dance club. With its black-and-white spotted décor and hanging cow on the roof, you won’t miss it. This club plays a variety of music and is one of the best ones in town. So if you are looking for a great night out after dark head to the Marina and dance until sunrise.