Safety in México

Mexico as a country, has areas where security and incidents towards the population are more notorious than elsewhere. However, in tourist destinations all hotels have 24-hour security and the rooms have safety boxes. The recommendations in the different areas, as well as in any other part of the world, are: do not use high-priced or very expensive jewelry striking when walking around the city or on the beaches, not showing large amounts of money in public, being considerate with the intake of alcoholic beverages, taking labeled transport and in safe places. If you need transportation, Uber and beat apps have the service in most states of the country. If you decide to rent a car follow all the rules of safety, speed, and attention to your environment, you may discover that in some parts of the country, the driving style can be aggressive or very defensive, some roads have little traffic and security services or medical help are almost null, it is recommended only to travel during the day, one must also know the areas marked as insecure or high conflict index, do not go into lonely roads, in undeveloped areas or at night, do not walk alone in dark places, notify your relatives if going unaccompanied. You can also enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts about emergencies or have a more accurate location.

At the beach, the most common situations are sea currents, sea wasp rash which can be mild to very painful. Avoid situations caused by an excess of alcohol ingestion. We recommend you to drink plenty of fluids. Be moderate in your exposure to the sun, since in beach destinations or desert areas, hot weather and humidity cause excess perspiration, sunburns or heat strokes can ruin your visit from the beginning. Using common sense, you will enjoy a wonderful stay in our country.


Entering Mexico does not require a PCR test or vaccination certificate. 

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