Considering Mexico has a high biodiversity, there is always the possibility that a visitor will become unwell during their visit. The risk varies greatly depending on the precise location of your trip, its duration, and the activities you engage in while there. Season, location of the facilities where you stay, and other factors such as your general health and physical condition can all have an impact.

Although it is not common for someone to become ill while visiting cities and urban areas, it is possible that due to a change in diet, you may experience the “Revenge of Moctezuma” or some gastrointestinal problems, which are mostly linked to increased eating, the use of condiments and drinks in excess, to which one is not accustomed. The weather and the sun also have an impact on health; heat stroke and dehydration are prevalent. Mosquitoes are a concern to consider in several tropical destinations. Not only may they be bothersome in the afternoon or at night, but they can also cause diseases such as dengue or chikungunya, thus applying repellents to avoid them is a must.

The majority of hotels provide medical services 24/7

Allergies: Keep in mind that many Mexican meals contain soy, peanuts, almonds, and seasonings such as annatto, which can occasionally trigger allergic reactions. Foods include “mole,” “pibil,” and “adobos,” as well as sauces, marinades, and even drinks like “Toritos,” a Mexican peanut drink.

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