México as a Country

Mexico is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to escape the the cold weather during the winter time or enjoy a marvelous summer . Its diverse destinations include extensive white sand beaches, forests, jungles, archaeological sites, modern and colonial cities, and offer a plethora of experiences, landscapes, and activities to make your vacations with family or friends an experience that will always remain in your best memories.

A country where cultural diversity, customs, and natural beauty blend to transport visitors back in time, and the warmth of its inhabitants ensures a cheerful and attentive reception always with great joy.

We live in a land full with textures, colors, and flavors. There is a wide range of crafts available, including wooden masks, black clay pots, rugs painted with organic dyes, leather bags, embroidered clothing, shoes, hats, and a plethora of handicrafts, all made from natural elements and shaped with ancestral techniques inherited from our proud indigenous peoples and passed down through multiple generations, demonstrating to the world the unmistakable diversity that characterizes us.

Those who come to visit us in Mexico are cherished. It makes us proud to demonstrate our culture and its beauty, which has been reflected since ancient times in sites (now archaeological) and in the colonial heritage, where the history of what is now our land, was written.

You will be flooded with beautiful sensations as you explore the Mexican land through its geography, swimming in its cenotes, beaches, lagoons, and waterfalls, or walking through the jungle early in the morning or late at night on our enormous beaches.

Fall in love with the wide range of tacos!!! You may get tacos in any corner of any city, each region has its own specialties and variations, we urge you experience the quantity of flavors that a single dish: “Los Tacos Mexicanos” will provide you. But Mexican food is much more than tacos; in 2010, UNESCO designated Mexican gastronomy as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We are a multicultural melting pot, and traveling through our country is an adventure and a terrific experience; on each tour, you will encounter a variety of landscapes, towns, and people who will gladly welcome you. A trip across our land will leave you with amazing experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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