Angeles Verdes

Angeles Verdes: tourist services in Mexico

If you plan to drive down to Mexico, this information will help you out in case of a mechanical pickle, let me tell you about the famous Green Angels, also known as Angeles Verdes.
The Green Angels were founded on September 15, 1960, with the goal of providing tourists with orientation, advice, phone and mechanical assistance, as well as general public assistance in the event of a natural disaster. In 2020, the Green Angels celebrated their thirty-first year of assisting tourists traveling across the country’s highways.
Their major goal is to provide travelers with a pleasurable holiday and road trip experience by delivering quality services and assistance 24 hours a day, across the country’s 32 entities, and traveling up to 22 million kilometers per year with a team of over 697 officials distributed across 323 divisions.

They provide free comprehensive services via the telephone number 078 and on the main road sections where they have presences.
Their white and green trucks with the sign Angeles Verdes on its side are hard to miss; you’ll see them on the road, at highway rest stops, and during holidays at various camps set up by them for your assistance; if you have a mechanical problem with your vehicle or simply need information, they’ll be able to assist you without difficulty.

The Green Angels Corporation is a globally recognized tourism service that distinguishes Mexico by giving free assistance, tourist assistance, and support to national, international, and domestic tourists traveling by car to various tourist destinations throughout Mexico, 365 days a year.

Image courtesy of Angeles Verdes

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