The Huicholes


In Mexico resides an indigenous ethnic group commonly called Huicholes, although among them they are called Wixárika which means (The People) in their Uto-Aztec language.Their communities are located in the Sierra de Jalisco and in the states of Nayarit, Zacateca and Durango.

known around the world as great artisans, their most recognized pieces are those of animal figures covered in beeswax and adorned with beads of different colors and patterns governed by a very careful religious symbolism.In this way they make their crafts serve for the development of the Huicholes as well as to preserve their traditions, the message of each of the pieces is transmitted by dreams and revelation of the spiritual world to each artisan.

These messages or revelations come through symbols and colors, each Huichol art or symbol comes from a mystical vision, thanks to peyote, which provides each  artisan this high level of consciousness.

In its different wood carvings there are animals with an outstanding symbology such as the Deer, the Squirrel, the Goat and the Eagle.

Its elaboration can take months due to the fact that each bead is placed by hand, both their sculptures  and in other crafts that they create such as jewelry, mirrors known as Nierikas, handmade arrows called Muvieris or Tacuats which are their traditional bags for both the men as for women.

All these representations of Huichol art constitute a part of their social and religious life and interpret the love and connection of their ethnic group with the gods, nature and the universe.

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